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The Thoughtful Approach

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters became associated as Plastic Surgery Residents at The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center in 1996 after each independently completed training and board certification in General Surgery. They began practicing together in 1998 when they became affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center—considered one of the finest university hospitals in the nation.

In their many years of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery practice, Stephanie and Rick remain close friends and colleagues, and are committed to providing superb surgical care for all patients in their practice: Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Their compatibility and passion makes Cohen/Winters one of the most unique plastic surgery practices in northern New Jersey.

Unparalleled Care, Unmatched Expertise

From the moment a patient walks in the door, they will understand the core beliefs of Cohen/Winters. The highest level of surgical skill combined with state-of-the-art technology can still be warm. Honest, firm and expert advice can still be compassionate and caring. Cohen/Winters believes that doctors can be assured and decisive without being intimidating.

Whether a patient is considering an aesthetic procedure or are in need of reconstructive surgery, they will want to feel secure that they are making the right decision about the procedure and their choice of surgeon. That patient wants to be thoroughly informed and understand the options. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters have always believed, and their experiences have made it their conviction, that psychological and intellectual preparation, coupled with collaboration, will enhance the results and experience.

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Dr. Cohen

Unbridled compassion and an unwavering commitment to her patients, Dr. Stephanie Cohen’s passion for helping others has taken her across the globe, and is matched only by her love for her two dogs.

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Dr. Winters

With extensive experience in plastic surgery, including top surgical positions at Hackensack University Medical Center, Dr. Rick Winters has an enduring devotion to his artistry and craft, as well as his sandals.

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery:
Why We Specialize in Both

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery: Why We Specialize in Both

One may wonder why they should choose a practice that devotes itself to both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. The answer is simple: Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters believe that the best aesthetic plastic surgeons are the ones who have come up through the rigorous training and experience of reconstructive surgery.

Furthermore, both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery are judged similarly: how the patient looks when the procedure is finished. The argument could be made that reconstructive procedures present a greater challenge in this regard.

Doctors Cohen and Winters strongly believe that all surgery, regardless of the type, needs to be taken seriously and requires surgeons with excellent judgment, proper patient selection, meticulous technique and attention to detail throughout the patient’s experience.

If a surgeon is especially adept at rebuilding a nose or breast from scratch, he or she is uniquely qualified to do cosmetic rhinoplasty or breast surgery. Both Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters are expert reconstructive surgeons, and they have utilized those very skills to become the outstanding aesthetic surgeons they are.

Cohen/Winters welcomes every consultation and is confident that each and every patient will be encouraged and engaged once they experience the difference in our practice.

We love what we do.

You’re passionate about being the best person you can be, we’re passionate about being part of that journey.

plastic surgeon nj
plastic surgeon nj

About Your Visit

Most of the patients at Cohen/Winters come by referral: either by a friend, another surgeon, a nurse or previous patient. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters are proud of their results, and can show typical results that each patient can expect from various procedures. They want every patient to feel comfortable with the decision to undergo plastic surgery and will go to great lengths to ensure that each patient gets the information they need to make that decision.

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Out of Town Patients

As word of mouth has spread beyond the local areas, Cohen/Winters has become a destination surgical practice particularly with regard to rhinoplasty and breast surgery. For out of town patients, Cohen/Winters has several options.

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