There are a number of contributing factors that can make revision rhinoplasty a costly experience in NYC. You need a true revision rhinoplasty specialist for this round, and that expertise is certainly worth paying for. But paying extra to have surgery in NYC—that’s a prime example of something not worth paying extra for.

You need an expert surgeon because the need for a third nasal surgery is a cost that’s much, much too high to pay. You need everything to go right this time, so you need a specialized plastic surgeon, devoted to complicated rhinoplasty procedures, who can deliver great results consistently. This surgeon may command a higher fee and have a schedule that is packed.

Choosing an expert revision rhinoplasty specialist, however, will end up saving you in the long run. Find an expert that you trust and you’ll get the ultimate reward for your NYC and NJ plastic surgeon research: an excellent revision rhinoplasty outcome that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Choose a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist in or near NYC

Primary rhinoplasty (the first nasal surgery) is one of the more complex plastic surgeries to perform, so you can imagine the complexity that can be involved in correcting rhinoplasty errors in a second surgery. The complicated nature of revision rhinoplasty is the most obvious reason that a revision is often more costly than your first nasal surgery. There is not much you can do to control this part of the surgical cost. But, luckily, there are still ways that a patient can save on some other revision rhinoplasty cost factors—like geography.

If you choose your surgeon carefully, you can avoid the biggest cost of all: a disappointing result. No matter where you choose to have surgery, make sure your revision rhinoplasty is meticulously planned, side by side with an expert revision rhinoplasty specialist, to get the result you want. This is how we’ve earned our long record of success in revision rhinoplasty, here in NJ.

Avoid Stress and Save Money on Revision Rhinoplasty Outside NYC — in NJ

Staying out of NYC’s fast-paced rush for your revision rhinoplasty surgery is a wise move, if you want to have a calm and uneventful corrective rhinoplasty surgery. For most patients, that’s exactly what they want, a secondary rhinoplasty surgery that goes as planned and offers a great outcome–without undue anxiety. (Not only is anxiety unpleasant when you’re having surgery, it can also affect your body’s healing process.) At Cohen/Winters, we practice in northern NJ partly in order to provide a better, more patient-centered, calm and peaceful environment to plan and perform your surgery.

Avoiding inflated NYC prices is another wise move for revision rhinoplasty. Your solution could be to venture just outside NYC to Bergen County, NJ, to see an expert revision rhinoplasty specialist surgeon with much less overhead. Running a surgical practice in Manhattan is inherently expensive, and you can be certain that these inflated costs are passed on to you, as the patient. In fact, many doctors discuss these issues in medical trade publications and blogs. Many even explain the high-overhead issue to patients in order to justify fees, including high “no-show” fees for patients who are late cancelling Manhattan doctor’s appointments.

When you widen your search area outside NYC for your revision rhinoplasty surgeon, you not only get access to additional plastic surgeons (and greater choice), you can save money.

Experience, Ability, Dedication and Caring = Revision Rhinoplasty Success near NYC

Saving money shouldn’t be your number one concern when you seek revision rhinoplasty, but having surgery with an expert revision rhinoplasty specialist in NJ has many other advantages. Perhaps the best advantage: you’ll get as much (or more) experience from an elite NJ rhinoplasty surgeon as you would from an NYC surgeon. And, at Cohen/Winters, you’ll get individualized attention—which is key to a successful revision rhinoplasty.

Careful Planning and Precise Execution Correct a Bad Nose Job

A rushed Manhattan-style consultation is not sufficient to plan revision rhinoplasty, if your goal is to give your patient the very best outcome—an outcome they will love. At Cohen/Winters we do our very best for every patient, and your wishes are paramount. We spend time with you, learning about your needs and planning your new look together, so that your NJ revision rhinoplasty is a success. This level of attention to your needs and passion for revision rhinoplasty is what sets our practice apart from all the rest.

Revision Rhinoplasty in NYC: Is it Right for You?

If you’re considering NYC for your revision rhinoplasty, ask yourself:

  • Can I receive personalized, unhurried attention to my needs from an NYC surgeon? To avoid complications and have successful surgery this time around, you need an NJ or NYC plastic surgeon who shows genuine concern for your condition and your goals for corrective rhinoplasty surgery. The rush-rush reality that is NYC may not be conducive to having a detailed, deep conversation about your rhinoplasty objectives. Select a surgeon who will devote the time necessary to diagnose the issues with your primary rhinoplasty and listen to your wishes. Our NJ practice is ideal for this type of attention to detail and caring consultation.
  • Can I get a plan to meet my unique revision rhinoplasty goals? In NYC, rhinoplasty surgeons often have a quota of consultations and surgeries to perform each day/week. Keeping up this pace may mean that an NYC revision rhinoplasty specialist could provide a generic nose job. You don’t want your surgeon to use the quickest method to complete your rhinoplasty surgery, you want him or her to use the best method to get your desired result.
  • Can this NYC plastic surgeon deal with complex and/or lengthy revision rhinoplasty surgery? As a surgeon, you often have to adapt your surgical plan in the midst of a revision rhinoplasty procedure, because surprises are common.  Since your nose has been previously operated, it may be more delicate than it appears during pre-surgery exams. The surgeon may find more or stiffer scar tissue than was anticipated. Extra time and techniques may be necessary to bring about the optimal results for your patient. This is where a surgeon who’s less concerned with his timetable and more concerned about getting the best result for you comes in handy. Make sure your chosen surgeon seems focused on doing the best for you and has the skills. Choose a reconstructive surgeon if at all possible.
  • Can I deal with extra NYC stress when going in for surgery and during recovery/follow-up visits? Traffic jams, parking nightmares and crowded elevators are part of the daily NYC experience. Do you want to deal with this or would you rather have a more relaxed surgical experience? (In nearby NJ, for example?)

If you can get the service and expertise you deserve in NYC and don’t mind paying more, it may work out well for you. You should have your surgery where you find a skilled, dedicated and attentive revision rhinoplasty specialist that you trust, whether in NYC, or in nearby northern NJ.
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About Dr. Winters

Dr. Winters specializes in primary, revision, reconstructive, functional and teenage rhinoplasty surgeries. Dr. Winters is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and maintains active memberships in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery and others.